Classical Jazz '05


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Due Date: October 16, 2013  


*Compose a piece of music using Garageband, Reason, Finale, or hand-written notation  

*Compose a piece in ABA form. The piece should be as long as it needs to be to accomplish the musical goal

*Compose using a combination of loops and orginal material  

*Demonstrate your compositional voice through stylistic choices

*Demonstrate musical continuity through instrumentation choices  

*Demonstrate knowledge of balance and blend between tracks and sections


200 Total Points  

*Complete a prewriting journal entry found in the artista community section at  

*Answer the following questions in your journal entry. - 25 points

  1. What software program are you going to use to compose?  Garageband, Reason, Finale, or hand-written. 
  2. What genre of music is your piece?  Rock, Folk, Classical, Experimental, Jazz, etc...
  3. What instruments do you plan on composing for?
  4. What is the form of your piece?  

Make sure you tag Mrs. Leasure as the teacher in the drop down menu so I receive notification that you have submitted the entry.  

*Composition should be in ABA form unless you have talked to Mrs. Leasure and determined that another form would work better for your musical ideas. - 25 points  

*The composition should have seamless transitions between sections.  It should sound like one piece of music, not multiple pieces of multiple genres - 50 points  

*Balance and Blend...the melody should be carefully treated when combined with an accompaniment. Make sure the most important musical idea during each section of the piece is brought out sensitively and musically. - 25 points  

*The composition needs to be musically effective. Was there a clear musical goal throughout the composition? - 50 points  

*Complete the online evaluation at   when you are finished with your composition. - 25 points

Make sure you tag Mrs. Leasure as the teacher in the drop down menu so I receive notification that you have submitted the entry.  


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