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Drive Format: .jpg Dan Pink's book on what motivates us. This is a good read.
2012-05-22 08:46:43 PM
2012-05-22 08:46:43 PM Format: .jpg A one-room scoolhouse.
Attention3 Format: .jpg
Star Wars Sing-a-long
Star Wars Sing-a-long Format: .jpg

Reverse Mentors Format: .m4v Apple's video: A student reflection about education.

A Need for Yo Soy dated:2010-11-08 09:43:49 AM Format: .m4v This video discusses the need for a safe social networking site for students. Yo Soy

2010-11-24 07:07:49 AM Format: .mov

NPR Podcast: Dr. Luke: The Man Behind Pop's Biggest Hits Format: .mp3

NPR Podcast:'Mozart Effect' Was Just What We Wanted To Hear Format: .mp3 Interesting podcast regarding the rise and fall of the Mozart Effect.

Schubert Variation 1 Format: .mp3 A variation of a Schubert piece just under 3 minutes

Schubert Variation 2 Format: .mp3 Another variation of a Schubert piece just under 3 minutes (2:45)

Nick's Look on NA Format: .mp4 Nicholas Amoscato created this video about the NA Music Department

Musical Brain Format: .mp4 It's worth seeking out. It's a really interesting documentary based in large part on the excelle

O, Clap Your hands Format: .mp4 Multimedia Presentation

Teach Creativity, not Memorization Format: .pdf True Words. What are we teaching today?

ASCD Presentation 2011-03-23 09:22:19 PM Format: .pdf This is the presentation that was given at the 2011 ASCD conference.
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