Magnum Opus



Your Magnum Opus or major project will be your opportunity to apply what you have learned, the skills you have developed, and your creativity and inventiveness to a personal photography project. The project must have a theme and contain a minimum of 7 different images.

Some possible themes:

  • Re-visit a genre we explored in earlier shoots; portraiture, landscape, abstraction
  • Document a trip, an athletic event, a social event
  • A portrait of family, friends, strangers, your cat, your car
  • A portrait without showing the subject
  • Express a poetic statement, a reaction to your world, a social commentary, a story
  • Depict something you collect, different views of the same object, or a variety of the same type of objects



The project will involve planning, shooting, printing, and presenting your work in a sequence of photographs mounted together as a collage or panoramic.




  • All prints should be in very sharp focus
  • Have a center of interest
  • Get as close to your subject as possible
  • Watch your backgrounds
  • Shoot birdís eye and bugís eye views
  • Shoot horizontals and verticals
  • Correct printing exposure by burning in, dodging out, and using filters
  • Place subject based on the rule of thirds
  • Be creative and have fun

To help you get started, please brainstorm 5 potential themes or ideas you would be interested in exploring.  From one of these ideas, draw out a one paragraph proposal that addresses: 1) what you are going to shoot and 2) how you are going to present the work.

Assignment given: Tuesday December 11th

Five ideas due: Monday December 17th

Proposal due: ASAP

Film or digital shoot due Wedenesday January 2nd

Contact prints due Friday January 4th


The final project should include a minimum of seven prints properly mounted on matboard.  At least one print must be an 8 x 10 (or larger up to 16 x 20).  This dominant print should be the very best shot that emphasizes your theme/topic or idea.  Six additional prints may vary in size, but can not be smaller than a 5 x 7.  Another presentation option would be to create a PowerPoint or web site to present your work.


The final deadline is Tuesday January 15th!!!



Magnum Opus Famous Photographer Slide Show


Magnum Opus Student Photographer Slide Show 

Magnum Opus Student Work

Photo Phun--some alternative darkroom techniques, which you may want to incorporate into your Magnum Opus


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     Here are some projects that could be potential Magnum Opus themes:


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