Shadows, Reflections & Silhouettes

Goal:  To shoot creative photographs while framing good compositions






  1. Shadows:  Create a variety of interesting shapes

                        Early morning or late afternoon sun or very strong light source

                        Always keep your shadow out of the picture unless it is the subject

                        Changing the view increases visual interest

Try shooting bird’s eye or bug’s eye views

Meter for the highlights so shadows will go sufficiently dark





2.  Reflections:  Water or wet surfaces, shiny metal or polished surfaces, glass, etc.

    Not your own reflection unless it is the subject

                            Stage your photos—Make ripples in the water

                                                               Pieces of mirror

                            Meter for the reflection and go one or two stops less—reflections    

                                 tend to bleach out




  1.  Silhouettes:  Backlighting—light comes from behind the subject

           Low camera angle works best

           Subject Backlit up against open sky

                             Watch the background—not too congested (graphic simplicity)

                             High contrast throws emphasis on line, shape, and pattern

     Meter for the lightest area of the picture and shoot 1 or 2 stops   



D O   N O T   U S E   F L A S H ! ! ! ! ! ! !



If you turn off your flash, make sure there is enough light to properly expose the film


Assignment can be shot in any combination; you can even combine in the same photo


A great photograph/composition also works upside down


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