Classical Jazz '05



Slantsville on 3/28/09 at 04:29:41 PM

There was a Kraken mighty, true, and lone.

If he had any friends to them he’d moan

About the sorry fact that he caused fear

To any languished Slanty that stood near.

Until one man defied the set of laws.

This man he chose to chance the monster’s maw.

Because his love a girl had not returned

(Her love was all that he had ever yearned.)

He devised a plot so full of rancor

That even this Kraken could not maim her  

For gold door stoppers this huge beast was fed

“As long as that girl dies” the guy had said.

Although the Slantys feared the giant beast

To the point of securing a new priest

That tried to rid the isle of his large form

But managed only to create a storm,

He loved Slantsville so much that he could weep

And could not harm one, not even a creep

But this guy had become the Kraken’s foe

And maybe when the gold this Biff did throw

He, by some strange twist of fate, might glissade

And in the Kraken’s belly he would wade.


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Artist: Cassidy Kavanagh
School: North Allegheny
For Advanced Creative Writing. Moon River Prompt.
Ticket info - call 800-555-1212