Classical Jazz '05



Let Me Be

Let me be your savior

When your heart is in despair

And when no one is around for you

I'll be the one to care


Let me be your hero

When you just can't take your life

And when you feel like giving up

I'll help put down the knife


Let me be your guide

When you don't know which path to take

And when you take the wrong turn

I'll show you the right one to make


Let me be your light

That guides you through dark days

And when you don't know what to do

I'll guide you to all the right ways


Let me be your everything

The one whose always there

The one who gives you all the support

And who shows you how to care


I'll help you get through this thing called life

When I can't get through my own

Because I know exactly how bad it feels

To fight through life all alone


So even if I'm falling down

And I'm slowly starting to break

Know that I'll be there for you

To help you fix your mistakes


I'll never let you down, you see

Because I'll never show my tears

I'm here to help you and not myself

I'm here to chase away your fears


This disguise I have on is here to stay

My real pain I will never show

The truth is I need all the help for myself

And you will never know


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Artist: Corey Vervier
School: North Allegheny
Ticket info - call 800-555-1212