Classical Jazz '05



Shades of Green

Green like the paint splattered on my wall

reminiscent of those apples that I love,

seen again in the eyes of my kitty cat

those emerald flowers in the earrings my mom gave me

signify my birthstone

that pretty green turns dark


leading me back to seeing those

ferns, stems, leaves and flowers in the funeral home

my dad lying in the casket

the greens enclosing the room into a jungle

            that shade similar to

that “spicy green” dress in my favorite book

the girl who wears that dress reminds me of myself


with those startling green eyes (as my friends say)

eyes that smile to divert questions,

preferring to stay inside hidden

behind an i-pod, letting me fall into the similarity

            (everyone having one too)

that green so close to the paint

splattered on my wall



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Artist: Kim Schmitt
School: North Allegheny
Ticket info - call 800-555-1212