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12:30 AM is Probably Not the Best Time to Ask Me About Myself

I consider risk taking to be addressing envelopes in washable marker

On a day with a 70% chance of rain,

Drinking the water in Mexico,

Raising your hand when you don’t know the answer,

And taking your first step.


I judge books by their covers,

But reserve the right to change my mind,

And do so, often.

So don’t make plans for this weekend.


On one hand I can count the number of people

Who know me well enough to call me on my crap.

They do so with regularity.

And as a general rule,

By the time I’ve properly thought things through,

You’ve moved on.


I always listen, read faces and

Laugh at things that aren’t meant to be funny

In the conventional sense of the word.

I will tell you if you’re being ridiculous.


And in ten years I couldn’t tell you

Where I will be,

Who I will be with, or

What I will be doing.

All I know is that somehow there is a large dog involved. 


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Artist: Becca Scheuer
School: North Allegheny
It is what it is.  Biopoem-ish.


Alyssa Shaw from: North Allegheny - posted: October 22, 2007
I love this poem.  It has the casual feel of a list.  Random.  But it tells a lot about you.  I like the surprises on the other side of line breaks, too.  Awesome.

trioasha beverly from: North Allegheny - posted: October 23, 2007
Hey Becca, i agree with Alyssa. Awesome poem, considering we only have a gym class together, I wasn't aware that you were a writer. You're a pretty good one and I love the humor you used. Keep up the good work kiddo.

A. Truxal from: North Allegheny - posted: November 7, 2007

I genuinely like this poem. A lot. While other people thought only of topics such as sex, or drugs, or something generically defined as risqué, you actually came up with the unconventional, but exasperatingly common everyday risks that people take, perhaps without knowing it, perhaps otherwise. I admire that. I would never have thought of it.

I also admire how you challenged the future; you aren't afraid to admit that you don't know what's to come, and you don't set ridiculous standards according to some idealistic dream-future.


Corrie Parrish from: North Allegheny - posted: November 18, 2007
good poem. I really like how you took the poem into your own hands and molded into what you wanted. The best part in my opinion is the ending. I don't know where I'll be in ten years or even if I'll be alive at that point but if I am it will involve a cat.

Veronica DeAlmeida from: North Allegheny - posted: September 12, 2010
wow this is such a sweet poem! i love how absolutely creative and original it is, how is makes up your essence (when i don't even know you). it's fresh and fun and true, making me think things i never have before, your words showing me a different perspective of life. this is totally inspiring!

Spencer Cappelli from: Strongsville City Schools - posted: March 29, 2012
I love this. Sporadic,  humorous, possibly sarcastic. There are other people out there like me!

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