Classical Jazz '05



Chris Botti Reflection

 In December last year, I saw legendary trumpet player Chris Botti perform at Heinz Hall.  Botti is arguably the best trumpet player alive right now and performs with many famous musicians, including Sting and John Mayer.  If that's not impressive enough, he is backed by musician's whose skill is second to none.  Billy Childs plays piano, Mark Whitfield plays guitar, and Billy Kilson plays drums.  The above link is for a youtube video of Botti playing the song "When I Fall In Love" which was my favorite when he performed in Pittsburgh.  My favorite part of the concert was watching the drummer, Billy Kilson, play.  When he plays he moves his whole body and really grooves with the rhythm.  When compared to other drummers, I would say that he definitely does a lot more than just lay down a beat; he adds a lot of small fills and makes very good use of his 2 splash cymbals.  


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Artist: Jay Crammond
School: North Allegheny
Ticket info - call 800-555-1212