Classical Jazz '05




The world around me is all different colors

Colors that define everything

I see people who wear their emotions through what they wear

Who go day to day wishing someone cared

Engulfed in their self pity

They rise to see the sun only set

I see souls that soar

And love

Who embrace the days as they come

I see birds that live as freely as some wish

Without a care that is known

Having their own language

Saying I love you is as easy as touching the sky

I see secret passion and misery

Dreaming of the perfect one

And missing those who are gone

Those who imagine far away

With their spirits along for the journey,

But their bodies stuck in reality

I see forgiveness ignored

Fear for the idea of acceptance

Questioned pasts that will never be answered

I see being normal no longer important

I see the world as it should be


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Artist: Sam Coco
School: North Allegheny
Ticket info - call 800-555-1212