Classical Jazz '05




look around to those you adore
some will be happy some will be sad
comfort those who need more
peace love and faith
thats all you need
share it with others
and you shall succeed
don't hold grudges
leave the issue be
you'll be a best friend
just wait and see
try to left peoples spirits
instead of bringing them down
would you like to see smiling faces
or make all people frown
just remember peace love and faith
thats all you need
don't hate judge or be mean
and you will make a good friend indeed


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Artist: Amy Reehl
School: North Allegheny
Just something for fun!


Thomas Mooney from: North Allegheny - posted: March 24, 2009


Glad to see work from you on this site.  Keep writing, it's encouraging.  Your topic is something that is obviously important to you and your tone is one of positivity and truth.

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