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"The Void" - a 25 word short story

“The Void” Scattered pages, empty like wasted years, floated indifferently to earth… I mourned the loss of time spent on finding a filler to occupy my vacancy.


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Veronica DeAlmeida Artist: Veronica DeAlmeida
School: North Allegheny
This is a 25 word short story I wrote for my creative writing fiction class. To me, I had imagined a girl (of unknown age) sitting, disheartened and upset, upon a hardwood floor.  Around her were pages and pages of blank paper, scattered as if thrown in both confusion at life's circumstances and creative frustration.  She then impulsively gathers the papers and tosses them high into the air, watching their airy descent, feeling empty and numb inside. It has been years since she “experienced” or “felt” anything real.  Somehow time had escaped her notice until it was too late to take it all back.  She regrets her past; her decisions and choices were all mistakes.  Years seem to be measured out in bare paper.  She has been dead to life.  She has not lived… not in so long. Looking for reason, substance, and meaning, she had lost her way trying to find something to live for.  She had searched so deeply for these things that she had missed the beauty found right under her nose.  Love had always been there but unknowingly she’d turned away, turned her back on the world and all it said. Now, like a lonely, abandoned motel, she was vacant inside.

Enjoy :)

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