Classical Jazz '05




she sat near me

intense to watch the rain

crying on the windows

the weather able to mirror our mourning

"are you thirty"

slight nod of assent

"do you prefer coffee

or tea"

shrug "does it matter

both. neither"

there was no point in wanting

we needed substance

something like warmth

besides each other


she stared through the

steady downpour


i put on the kettle

turning up the burner's halo of blue fire

hushed echoes shadowing the house

small pings of water on glass

two minds in different lands

traveling between


by the startling whistle of steam

rummage through cupboards

for mugs to dip the bags


crisp bittersweet aroma inhaled

heat soothing

her shoulders not ready to relax

unaffected by the offered drink

i sip cautiously

let it thaw my frozen hands and fingertips

cold skin seems permanently stiff

she keeps still

swimming in the old

memory of outside

it's been awhile

hot tears spilling from the

steep sides of porcelain

doesn't notice

can't feel anything anymore


finally turns

asks "why are you doing this for me"

i smile a low crescent moon

"does it matter"

thinks "not really"

softly mumbles her

embarrassed complaints of thanks

her quiet gratitude for my presence

awkward but real and deserving

we're lambs unlearned in speech

sister souls lost

numb with indifference

reach out to touch the piece she saves

locked deep


we sit close

waiting for clear skies

an inconsequential day

but only the constant falling

rain of arrows pentrates and pierces

pain flooding our vision

filling our eardrums

hear the dulcet sounds seduce

ignore the sirens calling

tired words aren't


by our mouths

but similar hearts in sync in



shared comfort

"there will be time for happiness

we have not seen the last of it"


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Veronica DeAlmeida Artist: Veronica DeAlmeida
School: North Allegheny

This poems is deeply meaningful (to me at least) yet is displayed in a simple scene: two girls, sitting in a kitchen, sipping their tea, watching the rain fall, hardly speaking to one another...

But hopefully, you can read inbetween the lines.

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