Classical Jazz '05




HopelessEric Spagnuolo 

Countless fall,

Each and every day.

Those who know best

Give lives away.

Old enough to kill,

Much too young to die

All ceramic faces

Under blackened sky.


Soon all that is left

Will be sticks and stones

To testify to how far we’ve come

And how little we’ve grown.


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Artist: Eric Spagnuolo
School: North Allegheny
This is pretty much just about war, and how no matter how much progress we make, it will probably always be there to bring us down. 


Corrie Parrish from: North Allegheny - posted: November 18, 2007
hey I just want to say I really like this poem. at first I thought it was about how we are always fighting with each other and how we mainly use our language to defend ourselves and we tend to use those "adult" terms but when it comes back at us, we feel so small and could die. At least that's how I feel. I think I thought this partly because of the sticks and stones line but once I read your assessment it made much more sense. I also like this poem because I agree so much with what you're trying to say. Good use on imagery and meter. I would try to go into it a little more though to eliminate ambiguities.

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