Classical Jazz '05



So Untitled That It Hurts (help?)

We are magicians
condensing hours into 15 minutes
with our spectacular, spectaular
nowhere nohow couldn't care less
magical act of the 40th century BC AD EFG.
Mac and Cheese and too green pancakes
and tea from Indo-China-Russia-Australia
are gonna rot our brains
and too many frozen HAHAHAs
are gonna rot our teeth.
I'll get my nicotine fix
while you get your zombiefeardeathisgonnacatchus fix
and we'll both wait for that whitewhitewhite cat
to run down the path as we wait
wait and wait and wait
for little insertyourracehere girls-never boys-
to eat our ears and call our cellular devices.
Then we can curl up in a too small bed
or on a too small couch,
fight for the covers
or talk about everythingnothing
or never go to sleep
and then bury your overused underused nevergonnabeusedagain car
beneath not enough snow.
Maybe we can kiss stars,
maybe we can live other lives,
maybe we can laugh away the----
maybe we can cry away the---
But let's never
Please never


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Artist: Rachel Welch
School: North Allegheny

A poem I wrote for my friend

At 3 in the morning

On no sleep

And work induced exhaustion

I think I was high off life at the time 

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