Classical Jazz '05



Eastern Standard Time

it’s in everything these days
in the sunsets and the dawns
and the lines someone drew
to decipherer the difference
between here and there...
subtract two or add three;
(they call this a science)
a mathematical formula used to
calculate the worlds todays and yesterdays
three hundred and sixty degrees
between twenty four zones
splitting the globe into halves and quarters
of darkness and light
oh the complexity of it all!
it floats through my dreams and into my nightmares...
But only until I open my eyes
and focus the light (I’m running late again)
but hypothetically in Malaysia my timing is right!
I hear the streetlights flickering
cars speeding through the highways of New York City
and the cathedral bells ringing in Rome
but in Japan today is over…
right now is their history and their past
(I often wonder)
do the blue jays and the jet planes
feel this fatigue as they cross the dotted lines in the sky?
and soar through cloud from dark into the light?
the lines that decipherer
each day from the next...
oh the complexity

and simplicity

of it all.


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Artist: Edye Pucciarelli
School: North Allegheny


Lindsay Bock from: North Allegheny - posted: October 30, 2007

Edye, what could I possibly say to describe this poem?  I feel any comment would not be able to do justice to the amount of brilliance put into this piece.

You are no doubt unbelievably talented in every piece of writing that you do, and this poem serves that fact well.

The enjambment and end stop are fascinating, where you put each.

Your use of colorful language and descriptive adjectives are fitting as well.

I love you dear!

Merit O'Hare from: North Allegheny - posted: October 30, 2007
Edye--as always, stunning!

There are too many lines that I love for me to pick just a few.  My favorite part is from "but in Japan..." to "...dotted lines in the sky", but it's an all-around awesome idea coupled with some great wordplay and insights.  Flow is good, line breaks are good...

...fantastic job.


Bryan Hogg from: North Allegheny - posted: October 31, 2007
Not to sound repetative, but I have to agree with everyone else-another fantastic poem Edye.  I love the beginning especially, when you mention how even sunsets and dawns have become complex and a bit overwhelming.  It's a fantastic look on modern culture and how something as simple as nature and a sunset has to be stressful.  The frantic tone of the poem also adds to the overall effect.  Great job.

Brett Schindler from: North Allegheny - posted: October 31, 2007
Edye this is pretty good. All your poems are so good. I like how you described the complexity of everything. Good job, you are very talented

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