Classical Jazz '05




Waiting in a line, walking slowly.

Dragging my feet, hoping it will delay this unwanted tragedy.


Turn to my right, my best friend of three years.

Never have I seen him so hurt. So afraid. His mind

Turning back time to the days spent at the park. The field.


Look to my left – the mother.

An obvious emptiness about that usually inviting


Emptiness that has just appeared

And will most likely never leave.


Straight ahead; the mahogany box that holds

The reason we are all gathered.


A new form of “TEAM!” is heard all around the room.

A warm wind of hope blows over my body.

My friend begins to show vulnerability, which is quickly

Hidden by the slight tugging at his hat.

I bring my hand to my cheek to wipe my face dry.


We all stand here with the realization of what

We must do, looming around our heads…

And we will remain strong.


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Artist: Kayleigh Tony
School: North Allegheny


Catherine Rodgers from: North Allegheny - posted: October 30, 2007

This poem was a very emotional one to read as I imagine it was just as emotional to right. I think you really captured the feeling felt by most if not all in presence at the viewing. Tough one to read:-/ but truly necessary and completely relatable. I especially like the last line And we will remain strong. I think it is definitely something we need to keep in mind more often throughout these tough times.




lisa gorski from: North Allegheny - posted: November 2, 2007

This poem is great becuase the way you used descriptive language makes the reader feel like they were there with you. You described the people around you and their emotions, which helped to set the mood and tone. My favorite part was the ending. Throughout the poem I felt sad and was reflective of the horrible thing that happened to him at such a young age, but the end gave me a sensde of hope and determination.

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