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Vexed Alleviation

Upon the eve of a fortnight past the turning of winter,

Twas naught but the bittrest of evenings.

Finding myself in the most contentest of moods,

I retire

To quite a comforting spot within my abode

To partake in the ever pleasurable delights

Of the finer readbooknovels

Accompanied by

Irish breakfast and a tiny wafercookie that is the sweetest wafercooke about.



At but the slightest of moments prior to said partaking,

'Tis to my greatest of disturbances to experience utmost dispair in the form of


Tad appeared, to my sincerest dismay that the atrociousest of atrocities hast occurreth!

Pöllö!  Av!  Naga Ka ghara!  Aeie!  Autsch!  Oj!

My exclamations were most audible with a rather bitey tone about them.

Their purposes none other than to illustrate the severe dismay

Felt when contentment turns to agony. 



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Andrew Bergman Artist: Andrew Bergman
School: North Allegheny
The poem is slightly compromised due to formatting.


John Skarupa from: North Allegheny - posted: October 30, 2007

Andrew you might be one of my favorite poet's. I love all the language that you put into your works. My favorite line is Pöllö!  Av!  Naga Ka ghara!  Aeie!  Autsch!  Oj!  and if i'm not mistaken the all mean finish in different languages. You have a very unique flow to your poems and a very creative writing style. I can see you sitting in a chair next to a fire in this poem. The last line might be completely random but its a comment


-the only skarupa

Steve Semler from: North Allegheny - posted: November 5, 2007
Andrew, you are out of this world, man! This poem shows the rush of thoughts and ideas that run out of control through your mind when you feel any sort of pain.  The way you read it in class was tremendous, I could barely contain myself.  This poem is one of my favorites, although some may not understand it...I'm here for you buddy.

Katie Guarnaccia from: North Allegheny - posted: October 10, 2012
This poem is awesome. I want to read more of your work!

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