Classical Jazz '05



Yellow and White

Watch the daisies in the wind, see how they dance together in the sunlight, wrapping around each other in a playful embrace

Watch the sun and the clouds, how they move within each other in a continuous hide-and-go-seek, illuminating the earth for all to see

Watch us, how we compliment each other, fill the empty spaces in one another, bring joy into our hearts

Your golden-brown complexion, my fingers through the straight black grains that sit on your sharp features. My soul bared by your deep, rich eyes.

Your worn palm on my pale soft cheek. Your smile appearing because of my messy yellow hair and my laughing eyes who reflect the sky on a clear blue-bird day.

Dark and light, harsh and soft, two beautiful worlds that are meant to combine

You and I, we work together, the daisies know it and the sun shines only on us

We share our secrets with the earth because we know our differences are what make us real.


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Artist: Alyssa Klaum
School: North Allegheny
Please don't read this poem thinking it's a sappy love poem to my boyfriend. It has meaning behind it, and it's actually about race. So think about it, I know you can do it!


Stephanie Wharrey from: North Allegheny - posted: November 1, 2007
This poem is amazing and you did a very nice job writing it. It offers a lot of imagery (my favorite line being the first). I also like the lines "laughing eyes," because the reader can learn from them your emotions. You managed to do a great job of adding pictures to your meaning and you can tell you put a lot of work into writing it. The natural flow of your poems are always nice to read (and hear). Good job!

Victoria Lopez from: North Allegheny - posted: November 1, 2007


What I enjoy most about your poem is that you managed to write about race, but made it positive. Instead writing about race as something negative that hinders a relationship you embraced it. Aside from the meaning of your poem which is great the language you use is charming. Lines that create the image of clouds playing hide and seek as well as daisies dancing in the sunlight automatically put the reader in good spirits. I thought the peom ended perfectly when you wrote "Our differences make us real."

 Great job Alyssa!

Elizabeth Hoffman from: North Allegheny - posted: November 4, 2007
This poem is so pretty and so much fun to read.  I love how when you first read it sounds so innocent, but it has a really powerful meaning behind it.  You make the two races seem so beautiful with your very detailed imagery. 

Deanna Donch from: North Allegheny - posted: November 6, 2007

I really enjoyed listening to you read this poem in class. I liked how you compared you and your boyfriend with nature, which paints a picture for the readers. You used racism as your topic, which is a very hurtful and evil thing, but the way you wrote it was very mature and you made it seem like something so simple.

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