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Calmness Shattered

 Dark, icy, foreboding morning with no sun in the sky

As I sit eating cereal on the bedroom floor.

Calmness violently shattered as words of tragedy are uttered.

I demand it’s not true, but my parents insist.

Not fully comprehending, the shock races to catch up with my heart

When I realize you, my friend, my brother, were gone, unwillingly…


Much too early, only a little boy at heart, all you were to me

Reflecting on the past, your charming, brilliant face,

Innocent, childlike all the same

One I so long to see again

Nostalgia of times at the river where you world amuse everyone with your laughing,

Both us kids and all the adults, you made everyone’s day.

Scraps of memories dart

Around my brain.


Now jolted back to reality

Still wishing, hoping, praying this was all a gruesome nightmare

That will soon draw to the end and make the words void.

My friend, my brother, I look up to you, thinking of you often

Knowing you’re there, looking down

Giving me some comfort, that you’re watching down on me.


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Artist: Stephanie Wharrey
School: North Allegheny


Maura Crock from: North Allegheny - posted: November 1, 2007

As Leslie and I would say:

Dear Steph (Ugly Kid),

    I decided that I really wanted to comment on your poem. As you already know, I read it earlier today, and I guess it hit me really hard, because its something you never told me about. I really loved it Steph. It shows me a completely different side to you for sure, because this is so deep. Not that your not a deep person and all, because I know you pretty darn well. I'm glad I finally got to read one of your poems. Just like it seems that I will never be getting your senior picture. I like your poem so much Stephy. So much.


                 Stay Fabulous (and afloat =]),

                  Love always, Your Junior. 

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