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The Dino Rocks

The Dino Rocks


I can make it without them. I can just live right here under the dino rocks.


As Oliver sits on the wooden bench he makes a list of what he has.


 I have my juice box, a bag of Goldfish and half of my sandwich from lunch. Plus my jacket in case it gets cold.


Since he is having such a good time at the playground that day, he decides to just stay there forever.


She can’t make me go home.


“You are being silly, Oliver,” his mother says calmly.


“No, I’m not! I don’t wanna go.”


“What are you going to do, make a bed out of the jackets and take a bath in the water fountain?” she asks sarcastically.


I won’t have my bed or my stuffed cat. I forgot about that. Oh well, I don’t care.


Oliver hugs his mother’s legs and wishes her the best. He runs to his plastic cave where he is safe.


The boy lays down for a while and dreams about his home.  For a moment it seemed like Oliver was back in the comforts of his warm house.


I miss my dinosaur bed sheets. The way my kitty cat comforts me when I have scary dreams. The way my firetruck night light flickers when I first turn it on. The way mommy kisses my forehead before I fall asleep.


The visions became more vivid. He could feel his cat’s soft fur and smell his mother's perfume.


"I miss my home," Oliver mumbled.


"You are home, my Oliver," his mother whispered as she dimmed the lights. 


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Artist: mollee abbs
School: North Allegheny


Will Connor from: North Allegheny - posted: October 19, 2012
Pretty nice.  I liked hearing the little kid's thoughts.

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