Classical Jazz '05



The Phone call.

He’s done wrong again.

The sound of her calls ring over and over;

The ignore button is starting to get tired.

Maybe he’ll realize it this time and won’t call back;

Maybe he’ll regret it this time and can’t dare to call back.

He’s done wrong again.

It’s not worth picking up anymore,

She knows what he’ll says

Word for word, by now.

You talked to him. You did this. And that.

His face is now illuminated with rage

But he doesn’t care,

As his barking and bellowing are justified

To his lonely crowd of one;

Like a judge’s sentence,

Completely deserved and utterly fair;

The tears that stream down her face

Bother him no more, he’s used to causing a river to run off her chin

More sour than a lemon,

Broiling, baking,

grilling her to a crisp like a foreman

A cooking instruction in one conversation

Nothing she says can change his mind now

Even if it the truth and nothing but the truth


And there he goes,

He’s done wrong again…

But this time,

She’s done right.


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Artist: Claire Pilarski
School: North Allegheny

Poem Asscessment

I wrote this poem because I wanted to show that physically abusive relationships aren't always the case, and that there is such thing as an emotional abusive relationship. Also, that those types of emotional abuse just may be as unhealthy as a physically abusive one. I wrote this poem over basicly a week. I drafted and revised it about 5 times. I came up with this poem before Mr. Caruso changed his mind about the topic of abusive relationships, and decided to just keep it. I tried to focus on smilies in this poem. 

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