Classical Jazz '05



Untitled on 11/12/12 at 10:28:39 AM

You aren’t sorry.

And why should you be?

These bricks that I’ve carried

Ever since you abandoned me

They burdened my delicate heart.

But left yours untouched.


I was mad at you.

And the pain killed me

From the inside out

I wanted you to feel the same way

But I realize that it doesn’t matter now.


You can be sorry.

Or you can’t.

It makes no difference.


So guess what I did.


I took those bricks.

The ones that pressed against my heart,

And one by one I held them high.

Then I whispered three simple words.



Then I buried those bricks

In the deep ground

To be forgotten.


And now the healing can begin.


The pain from what you did

Still lingers

But every day I whisper

Those three simple words

And every day I heal a little more. 


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Artist: Rebecca Robles
School: North Allegheny
Ticket info - call 800-555-1212