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3 years of tears circulate through my veins

like blood. My heart shattered into pieces

The thought of letting you in my heart

Is like needles slowly poking threw my skin

My whole life was based on you

Every lie was the truth for me

Every hug was a blessing, every walk

Was the thing that would make everything

Ok. The feeling like you’re on cloud nine was

me everyday when I was around you.

Then it came, when you told me it was all a lie.

My personality crumbled like a kid knocking

Down a sandcastle, what was once there

Was no longer noticeable. Like what

I thought was a lifetime friendship vanished without

A thought or concern in your mind

Infinity of laughter, tears and smiles

                     Gone with one phone call.





My assessment.

It's about my best friend, my hero, who I lost because she choose to lie to me through our whole friendship. And she told me one day the lie over the phone, and ever since then we haven't talked. And I miss her, but I need to move on, no matter how huge a part she played in my life.


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Artist: Marcie Johnson
School: North Allegheny


Lauren Galletta from: North Allegheny - posted: November 2, 2007

this poem flows so nicely, i like the rhythem when you read it and the third and fouth lines are my favorites. You use wonderful descriptions and metaphors. The way you italicized "ok" and underlined it really gets your feeling to the reader, and also when you underlined "one" in the last line. This girl must have lied about something really bad.

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