Classical Jazz '05




Untitled When shot to her heart without breaking her skin She only closed her eyes, inhaled�exhaled�smiled. Used pain as a comfort, she did. Love engraved on her dauntless soul Kindness branded in her benevolent eyes She basked in the glory of pain, made it beautiful. In her humbleness she ignored their foolishness, overlooked their arrogance that was killing her ever so softly ~ Represented herself through the lullaby in her voice Masked her pain in every stroke of her mighty vocal cords Proving the world dead wrong, she carried the weight on her own Embellished desperation, still survived frustration All alone. Used pain as a comfort, she did Kissed its eminent face continuously embraced it with the flow of her precious, though burning tears Echoing so softly, it happens yet again She�s shot to her heart without breaking her skin She closes her eyes�inhales�exhales�smiles. She smiles. �yeah, she smiles. Trioasha Beverly


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Artist: trioasha beverly
School: North Allegheny
Ticket info - call 800-555-1212