Classical Jazz '05




Nicole Case __________________________ Snow flakes in Paris aren�t beautiful through grey child eyes drowned, ever drowning in water salty as the swaying sea is. Varnish black; the only color seen�experienced. Not even the sour red and confined blue flickering down the road, flaking out on the false hopes of the fatal. Amidst the twilight and unrequited dawn, is this what limbo feels like? The slum of the silver snakes halt for the manic emotions, summed up in a word; disbelief. Recollected as a photo book or a film reel capturing an uncommon Christmas for an unfaithful Christian. Thoughts asunder, voided space. Just like shape shifting shadows on a shale hallow wall. There was heart to him as vivid as the solid moon. There was heart without him as absent as the molded sun. Age is telling an ill-humored joke presenting its vicious punch line; flesh won�t breath to behold the banal day when it has survived longer then it has left.


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Artist: Nicole Case
School: North Allegheny

I chose the topic of death and also incorporated a few religious things in there as well, and I hoped to make the poem seem like a real event because that’s what it is about.  It is specifically about when ever my dad died in Paris the day after Christmas and I tried to include all the details in there for example saying “vivid moon” and “absent sun” eluding to the fact that it was at night time.  I really tried to have imagery but I didn’t want the images to come right out and present themselves like when I referred to flickering red and blue; I’m really referring to police cars.  I used colorful language and metaphors.  I made an attempt to include alliteration scattered through out the poem to help hold the listener’s attention.  I also used a kenning which was “the slum of the silver snakes” which simply means a metro station.  The poem came easily at first until I read my first draft and realized I let the great opportunity of writing something meaningful to me slip away so I went back and added my final details. Even after that and the class edit I changed it more and tried to make more clear which I think I accomplished, hopefully.  I found it difficult to make the poem come across clear since I new the topic really well.

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