Classical Jazz '05



Untitled on 11/1/07 at 04:13:47 PM

The tears burn down my face again
Washing you further away,
Burying my heart with lies,
your eyes capture mine instantaneously
.::Dreams::. of today fade to memories of tomorrow.
To love is to know       understand.
Shards of broken glass reconstruct my heart
Shattered by broken promises,
Sleepless nights    and painful fights.
My .::dreams::. are faded illusions
My hopes:       broken fears
My scars define my pain         much better than this mirror.
I long to hear three    simple    words, in this world of desolation
How to define our one living prosperity?
.::Burned::. into my memory
.::Buried::. deep within my thoughts,
I only rest in the shadows of your mind.
If I could open my heart and show you
                                 you’re the only one there
                                       .::would you believe me?::.


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Artist: Lauren Galletta
School: North Allegheny
Ticket info - call 800-555-1212