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You represent the most cloying aspect of Christianity.

It’s only when you paint yourself

Into the darkest of moral corners,

And then,

And only then,

Do you turn your life over to Christ.


You don’t go to Christ on prom night,

It’s only when you’ve messed up

Your life so horribly,

That nobody down here

Will talk to you anymore.


I see you on the news…

Then in court…

Eventually pleading guilty…

Being led off to jail…

Then all of sudden,

You find Christ.


Which leaves me asking,

How didn’t He see you first?


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Artist: Steve Semler
School: North Allegheny
This poem goes out to all the celebrities that have used Christ to either gain support or get themselves out of trouble.  Ask for my complete poetry assessment if you are interested in furthering your knowledge about this poem.
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