Classical Jazz '05






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Artist: Yanqingyun Sun
School: North Allegheny
This is a project I did based on my full name in Chinese. The tree growing up,  (Sun, my surname), represents a sort of family tree growing, as the character itself literally means grandson.  (yan), the second character, is simply a swallow. The third character,  (qing), has a wider variety in meanings, and approximates to either light green/blue or clear, so I chose fresh flowers growing and a blue-green hill to represent it.  (yun), the last character, means cloud, so I created a sky full of moving clouds for it. 


Emmaline Lattner-Lane from: North Allegheny - posted: September 1, 2015
 Oh My God Qing Qing!! It looks so good! You have to teach me youways hehe. But seriously, I love it it looks so nice well done.

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