Classical Jazz '05



Yoshi's Ranks Composition

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Artist: Devon Krakosky
School: North Allegheny
Eyup, the most anti-climatic thing I might ever make in this class. I think half the time we had to make this i was just trying to think what I wanted to do for this project. Millions of ideas were flying through my head, like one of those songs where its just a medly of Mario using sounds made by the new Nintendo Switch. After that sounded too complicated, I then decided- hey, why not a mashup with two songs??? They would be done in a way like Siivagunner's mashups that they usually make. However, I was trying to think of two songs that weren't overused, like Slam Jam & We Are Number One & Knuckles & Knuckles. After this point, I decided to do a composition where its just a simple melody I knew how to do on a keyboard and could just add instruments to it, before making it sound very similar to the original. So, of course, I played Mario music before deciding I want to use the music used in the orginal Super Mario Kart game when Yoshi wins a race. So yeah, that's the whole story as to why this may be the shortest and least impressive Sound Design project you may ever hear.
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