Classical Jazz '05






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Artist: Dustin Annarumo
School: North Allegheny

The letters will seem to really confusing at first, but most of them have a reason for being this way. There's two main parts to this. A meme and showing what I do for procrastination. For the meme, it is read from the top right cornor to the left(this text is purple). Note the left side is read from right to left and does not include the x out letters. I made this right to left so I can put my initialze for my name in red. My initalze are suppose to be read normally from left to right. Still continuing with the meme, it goes to the top to the bottom. Like the left side, the bottom side is also suppose to be read from right to left. 

// Now I am going to be talking about the other 

// part of the text.

The x out of the letters is to show that I don't do homework often. To show what I do instead I put the word "video" with the letters turning 90 degrees each time. The check mark is suppose to show this what I do instead of hw. If you follow the same colored letters as the check mark you should get "games". 

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