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There is something about January

Not the month in itself

Or the arrangement of letters in it’s name

(the j next to the a)

But the strength it has in the sequence of things

“You can start again come midnight,

I’ll clear your slate” December said



And here, the weathers cold

Fierce wind blows and stiffens joints

Claws at the angles of fair skinned jaws

Snowflakes pile endlessly like snow

Against the corners of city streets…

A time when the beginning, begins again

When calendars are reborn and

Insecurities fuse like icicles

To the chance of redoing ourselves




And on the first the ball will drop …

Champagne will pour and

They will toast to resolutions

They’ll vow to keep this time

“A tighter ass” she’ll laugh (deep in lunge)

“ More time with the family, less time upset” he’ll say

As if he could take back the tears she cried for him

As if the yesterdays before this one meant nothing

And the days didn’t follow the months

And the months didn’t follow the years

In an eternal circle again and again!



Why now and not last week?

These months can’t be associated with

Times to repent and when to break

Everyday is storm, snow or rain

Depression and loss!

Each night leaning heavily against the next

The naked limbs of December thawing into

The budding daffodils of May



January may be cold,

But makes June no less of an animal


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Artist: Edye Pucciarelli
School: North Allegheny

Basicaly the use of procrastination in reguards to New Years Resolutions. If there is something terribly wrong with you in August, do us all a favor and MAKE A CHANGE, don't hold off for January first... EVERYDAY IS A BATTLE.


Rosanne Pucciarelli from: - posted: November 3, 2011
I don't know what is more impressive...your command of the language or your maturity of expression!

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