Classical Jazz '05



to my dear and loving Goon

playing with my fingers, my hand you were holding

while on your sholder my head did lye

driving along the river wide, along the shore our hearts did glide

on that river our hearts did meet to come together and form one beat

my lips were not the first yours touched, but my forehear recieved the sweetest kiss

to your hand my first kiss i gave

when together we're one, apart still together, our hearts are intwined, forever, and ever

who would have thought over one year (and ten months) later.

how we first meet.


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Kat Dixon Artist: Kat Dixon
School: North Allegheny
this was orriginale an american Lit project but i feel i took it to the next level, i put my heart and soal into this poem. this is how my boyfriend and i got to know eachother and iit means alot to me.
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