Classical Jazz '05



to my dear and loving non- car

to my dear and loving Non-Exsistant Car

a car is all I'd like to have, now all I've got to do is convince my dad

to me he would say the money i would take we dont even have enough in the bank

te car of my dreams would have to be pretty in pink and perfect for me

it's size would be small but personality large a mini cooper may be in charge

but in my mind i must be fair Id take anything i wouldnt care

the only requirements i would have to say would be an engine that works ok

and as I know his is all in my mind but i know a car will come in good time  

but still I know i have to wait at least until i graduate.


-"I am a presisional instroment for speed and airo-matics..." -Mater from disney pixars Cars                                       


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Kat Dixon Artist: Kat Dixon
School: North Allegheny
another project from school that i really liked and thought was funny =)
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