Classical Jazz '05



Abandoned Paths

These walls which confine me hold a barrier on my soul
wrapped up in formulas and equations not searching for the truth, the amazing, the powerful life that lies beyond these barriors
history of great people, the ability to thrive within in our enviornment is the key to living�
singing beautiful melodies, writing an imaginative and extravagent sonate, creating and enchanting and magical work of art are of no importance tp people within these walls�
just numbers and equations not serving any purpose but to waste the very fabric of exsistence on useless heartless scribble how does an algabraic equation help to reach self enlightenment even if the man tells you that this scribble will help you in life just remember find happiness within your heart, body, and soul
knowledge is power and education is the key to life but if you see yourself turning into another person behind these walls remind yourself do i want to be a free spirited worldy individual or another mindless drone


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Artist: Max Vilsaint
School: North Allegheny
Original Poem
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