Classical Jazz '05



SOP #11 - Hoziers Waffling of Faith in Take Me To Church

1:20 - major vs. Minor and light vs. dark

2:00 - Being Vague

3:00 - Eminor and i to III

5:00 - The Plagal Cadence (in G Major)

7:00 - Crash back to E Minor

8:00 - V to I but V to III

- another Plagal Cadence A to E  (in E)

- iv to i

12:00 - rising melody and descending chords

- playing one off the other





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Bob Tozier Artist: Bob Tozier
School: North Allegheny
Written in the Hozier family basement, Take Me To Church has risen up to be one of the biggest pop hits of the year. But this is not a typical pop song. The unsettling music and provocative lyrics about faith and relationships irk many listeners. But this marriage of form and content also strikes a chord with our own foibles of faith.


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