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2021 SOP 169 Making Music in 2020 + Copyright

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Bob Tozier Artist: Bob Tozier
School: North Allegheny

How can artists survive?  What do you think about copyright?

 The pandemic has upended the art and business of making music. Producing, performing and releasing — every aspect is new and uncharted. The need for social distancing means that it’s unsafe to collaborate in small studios or perform for large crowds — not to mention finding the right thing to sing about in such a charged moment. We’re telling three stories about how artists are working within these constraints: Ricky Reed and John-Robert have found a way to generate a creative spark remotely, Jacob Collier has defied the laws of physics to master live performance over the internet, and Dua Saleh has released a powerful new track that helps support the protests in Minneapolis. Everything is radically different than it was a few months ago, but these stories shine a light on why making music matters more than ever in 2020. 


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  Rick and copyright

What does it mean when you receive a copyright strike? Can i be fixed? Is is bad?

How do we talk about music when we can't show or play it? How can an artist be compensated for creative property? 



Sarah Feick from: North Allegheny - posted: February 10, 2021
As someone with a youtube channel this was very interesting to learn and important to understand

Grace Elliott from: North Allegheny - posted: February 11, 2021
It is important when educating about music to be able to play music and demonstrate the topics you are teaching. I cannot imagine how frustrating it is for hardworking youtubers like Rick Beato or Adam Neely who try to educate musicians, but might not be able to make any money from it. 

Reka Gotz from: North Allegheny - posted: February 11, 2021
It was suprising for me to hear that Youtubers cannot use copyrighted music (in a manner that I'd consider to be fair use) without risking their channels being taken down. A lot of these Youtubers dedicate a ton of time and money to their channels, and for Youtube to demonitize and block these videos seems unfair.

Vaishnavee Sundararaman from: North Allegheny - posted: February 22, 2021
When I watched this podcast, I was just so annoyed because I think it isn't fair just copyright something that is being used for educational purposes.  I feel like youtube has to make their copyright rules a bit better.  

Raef Smalley from: North Allegheny - posted: March 7, 2021
I knew about this because I have posted a video before using a song and it getting flagged for being copyrighted. 

Luke Hartle from: North Allegheny - posted: March 21, 2021
Something similar has happended to my friends when trying to upload something on youtube. I think it is abserb how much power poeple can have with copyright.

Olivia Belcher from: North Allegheny - posted: March 24, 2021
I think that copyright may have started as a good way to protect artists but has become something that really limits artistic freedom, as well as simply a profitable tool for big companies like YouTube. 

Kassi Barry from: North Allegheny - posted: March 25, 2021
I think it is hard for youtube to see who is using whos music and in what context, but at the same time it's giving the creator more credit. As long as the original artist is credited i dont see the problem

Nicholas Palermo from: North Allegheny - posted: March 26, 2021
I think copyright strikes now a days are way to strict and unfair. Its important to know the boundries though.

Rohan Puri from: North Allegheny - posted: March 27, 2021
My stance is that if something is being used educationally and not for profit, then it should not be subject to the insane copyright rules that YouTube has. During this pandemic, it has been especially hard to learn, and YouTube's rules essentially blockade any progress educationally that could have been made in the situation. 

Kate Patterson from: North Allegheny - posted: March 28, 2021
I think that there has lately been a boom in copyrights on youtube that makes it hard for people trying to make a living off of youtube. If videos are demonitized for playing a few seconds of a song, they no longer make money on those videos. 

Bri Cobbey from: North Allegheny - posted: March 28, 2021
Copyright has become way too complicated and strict to the point that its hard to do anything on the internet, especially youtube, without running into some kind of restriction.

Erik Bloomquist from: North Allegheny - posted: March 29, 2021
I really think platforms like YouTube need to be more tolerant when it comes to copyright, especially when people use copyrighted music for educational purposes.

Josi Pietrzyk from: - posted: March 29, 2021
I didn't realize that it was so complicated to upload content without getting copyrighted. it's disappointing that creators have to deal with so many obstacles.

Eric schaefer from: North Allegheny - posted: March 29, 2021
I enjoy watching youtubers such as Rick Beato and Ive heard him talk about the stuggles with getting videos taken down. If someone is talking highly of your music and is spreading it to more people and giving credit to whomever the artist is I don't see why it is an issue. It would be extemly frustratinng and makes making videos excessivly complicated for no reason.

Nick Faber from: North Allegheny - posted: March 29, 2021
Labels need to change their direction, and welcome the use of their songs as advertisement instead of preventing it. Additionally, politicians passing laws to protect the label's copyright firestorm isn't helping the situation.

Cassandra Pultorak from: North Allegheny - posted: March 30, 2021
I often wonder how compensation for artists work through different platforms where their music is being used. Although I understand why youtube copyrights these educational videos, I do think they could expand their versatility, especially when it comes to education. 

Rae Dwyer from: North Allegheny - posted: March 30, 2021
I follow Jacob Collier on instagram and his page is filled with crazy ideas and cool ways to make music. If I was motivated or had the talent, I would love to do the things he accomplished. It's surprisingly not annoying to hear the same voice on top on one another. 

Hunter Badamo from: North Allegheny - posted: March 30, 2021
It's so unfortunate that music labels are so greedy for money. I think YouTubers should be able to get paid for their work if they're appreciating a song.

Clay Sheleheda from: North Allegheny - posted: March 30, 2021
Copyright really scares me becuase I feel if I borrow anything from a song, I could get yelled at for it. 

Julia Maletta from: North Allegheny - posted: March 30, 2021
If being used for educational purposes, I believe copyright should not be an issue.

Amy Hendricks from: North Allegheny - posted: March 30, 2021
YouTube has had very strict copyright rules for a long time, and while it makes sense to protect the artists, it is also sad that channels cannot use other peoples music in a fair addition to their content without fearing their channels will be taken down or not being able to make money. 

Nick Brar from: North Allegheny - posted: March 30, 2021
I think there should be less enforcement when it comes  to copyrighting. Obviously, there should still be punishment for blatant copyright violation, but in accidental cases or for the purpose of education I believe that there should be more leeway. 

Ethan Chen from: North Allegheny - posted: March 30, 2021
I think copyright strikes are becoming a bit too strict and intrusive.

Hyunjun Chang from: North Allegheny - posted: March 31, 2021
I strongly feel that if music is solely being use for educational purposes, that it should not be counted as a copyright striked because motives can differ, and if those motives are made clear, then people should be understanding of such and allow for the passing of such knowledge.

Dylan Shields from: North Allegheny - posted: March 31, 2021
I think its crazy how much copyright issues there is on youtube. Many youtubers are trying to use the platform to teach music or spread it but they have the risk of their content being taken down if there is a copyright. 

Nick Lev from: North Allegheny - posted: March 31, 2021
Copyright is an essential part in protecting an artists work but, in my opinion, copyright can be taken a bit too far nowadays.

Nathan Lam from: North Allegheny - posted: March 31, 2021
It seems unfair that those trying to educate others put themselves at risk simply because a song they play may have a copywrite. 

Kai Su from: North Allegheny - posted: March 31, 2021
Although the pandemic has cancelled most of my music activities, I have gotten the opportunity to play pieces from more obsure composers that I may not have otherwise played.

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