Abstract Photography

Goals:  1.   Engage the viewer longer with images that are not immediately recognizable



2.      Create strong, interesting compositions based on the elements and principles of design.

A.     Elements—line, shape/form, texture/pattern, value, and space

B.     Principles—contrast/variety, unity/harmony, rhythm/movement, repetition, scale/proportion, balance, and emphasis/focal point




3.      Be creative—look at the common in an uncommon way



You pick the subjects—nature, architecture, arranged objects, etc.


Move the camera around to find the interesting compositions—horizontal or vertical; bird’s eye or bug’s eye.  Minor framing adjustments make all the difference.


Seek out interesting and unusual shapes, patterns, textures, and changes in value.


Try finding contrasts between size, distance, old/new, natural/manmade, rough/smooth, etc.


Try to push your subject beyond its initial context (e.g. instead of photographing a bowl of fruit, try photographing the fruit cut open, arranged in a pattern, submerged under water, and/or placed in an unusual environment)


      ***Remember no closer than 4 ft. with a point-and-shoot***

          Use a longer focal length to zoom in and crop out unnecessary parts of your composition

       ***Do not use flash if closer than 6 feet***


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Shadows, Reflections & Silhouettes; another approach to the abstract.

Abstract Slide Show

Abstract Student Work

Shooting the abstract movie

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