Classical Jazz '05


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Artist: Lee Bennett
School: North Allegheny

Basically, what i like to do, or rather liked to do, was make sigs for forums and stuff for myself and others.  This is my example of the most recent sig i made, which was...about 8 months ago maybe?  I havent really been into making them lately, but basically, i took renders of two characters from the show Naruto and put them together and had brushes in the back of Sand and Wind.  (which is respective to each character)  Then i added the thunderbolt in the middle to seperate the two.

Today's Thought: Crystal Ball: Apple's Future Product Revenues Will Blow Your Mind

Would you like to listen to Black Damask (The Fog) Orchestrated by Alex Taylor from North Allegheny

Yo Soy info - call 724-312-5313