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Destruction of Hope on 8/28/09 at 10:31:03 AM
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Artist: cole mizzi
School: North Allegheny

This piece I call "Destruction of Hope". I had spent time on this piece a while back, but only really got to working and finishing it on August 24. I made this piece available to multiple interpretations, and the piece itself shows the progress I have been making within the last year. To talk more about the piece itself, in the center one may see a soldier holding a gun and a teddy bear in one hand. The fire, soldier, and teddy bear are the more important symbols.

Today's Thought: Have you heard the joke about the airplane? No. Well, it was way over your head anyway.

Would you like to listen to Onsemble 12/18/09 at 12:46:26 PM by Sean Radermacher from North Allegheny

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