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Make sure you listen to both "Step" by Vampire Weekend and Pachelbel's "Canon in D" first.

Make sure you listen to both "Step" by Vampire Weekend and Pachelbel's "Canon in D" first.

Please respond to at least two of the guiding questions below:

1. Could you hear any similarities between these two pieces? If so, what are the similarities?

2. What is your position regarding new songs that contain striking similarities to older compositions? Examples includes sampling audio, melodies, and chord progressions?

3. Are chord progressions copyrighted? (If you are unsure, look it up.) If not, do you believe this to be fair and justified? 


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Artist Ben Kinsley, will be spending this March and April creating art projects with NASH students.  See his website here: 


Ben Kinsley


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Let's start by establishing ourselves as music critics...

Let's start by establishing ourselves as music critics. Please add a blog entry by answering the following questions:

1. What style of music will you focus on?

2. What band or artist will you start review?

3. What is the first song or album you'd like to review?

4. What are a few online music review websites?


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iPods have the ability to synthesize sound and record sound. How will you use an iPod? 

iPodiPods have the ability to synthesize sound and record sound.  In the past, music composition programs, such as Finale or Sibelius, required external hardware to enter notes, such as a MIDI keyboard, microphone (latest versions of Finale), or keyboard/mouse.  For the first time, with the iPod, music composition packages will have the option of providing their own onscreen keyboard which can be played to enter music.  I’ve been imagining how much better the Internet will be with an iPod (the Internet is a mode of communication ideal for multi-touch browsing).  Now I’m starting to realize how much better composition will be.


How will you use an iPod? 

2010 - Multimedia Music Composition

Administrator, 03/02/2010 22:33:55

Choices!  With this 30 second sound composition, there are many options that we can use to create our masterpiece. What willl you choose?

We have seen and experienced 4 or more iPod apps and GarageBand.  What will you use to create your 30 second soundscape?  Will you use synthesized sound?  Will you use acoustical sound (Music Concrete)?  How about an electroacoustical composition! Do you enjoy the versitility of the iPod apps?  How about the touch sensitivity in those apps?  Or... is having a large screen seem to be the way to go?  Is GarageBand the app you will use?  Please let us know.

"Single Ladies" 2010 Grammy Song of the Year?

Mrs. Leckey, 02/01/2010 07:26:57

The grammy award winners were announced on January 31st and "Single Ladies" by Beyonce won Song of the Year?  Do you think the song deserves that award?  Please provide an explanation as to why or why note.


Beyonce's Single Ladies

Error with AP Music Lessons

Mrs. Leckey, 11/23/2009 18:28:24

Below are a list of errors that students have had over the past few weeks. 

*Has anyone else found a blank row in their grades?  If so, don't worry.  Mrs. Leckey will remove the blank line.  

*If you are having trouble with 6.1 or 6.2, make sure that you are building the four chord in each key.  Ex. C Major - the answer is F-A-C.  If you do the lesson more than once and it does not take the higher grade, please print it out and Mrs. Leckey will hand grade it.

John Cage

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Composed by late avant-garde composer John Cage, who died in 1992, the performance has already been going for 17 months - although all that has been heard so far is the sound of the organ's bellows being inflated.

The music will be played in Halberstadt, a small town renowned for its ancient organs in central Germany.

It was originally a 20-minute piece for piano, but a group of musicians and philosophers decided to take the title literally and work out how long the longest possible piece of music could last.

They settled on 639 years because the Halberstadt organ was 639 years old in the year 2000. 

John Milton Cage Jr. (September 5, 1912 – August 12, 1992) was an American composerphilosopherpoetmusic theoristartistprintmaker,[1] and amateur mycologist andmushroom collector. A pioneer of chance musicelectronic music and non-standard use of musical instruments, Cage was one of the leading figures of the post-war avant-garde. Critics have lauded him as one of the most influential American composers of the 20th century.

Multimedia Art Galery Trip (December 2009)

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Mattress Factory 

 The Mattress Factory is a museum of contemporary art that exhibits room-sized works called installations. Created on site by artists from across the country and around theworld, our unique exhibitions feature a variety of media that engage all of the senses.

 Wood Street Galleries  The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust operates Wood Street Galleries, which features multi-disciplinary artists from all over the world. Located above the T-Station at Wood Street and Sixth Avenue, Wood Street Galleries also houses the Trust's shared office space program which provides a home and tools for small arts organizations. 

 Please see our current trip here

The Mattress Factory


Wood Street Galleries 

If you could only be one artist, who would you be and why?

Mrs. Leckey, 11/01/2009 18:40:32

One of the students in AP music asked me this question and I had a hard time answering it. If I can only choose one person, it would have to be Claude Debussy. I truly enjoy learning his music and would love to know his strategies for creating a beautiful relaxed tone on the piano.




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