Classical Jazz '05

About ¡Yo Soy! Music Education

This site provides music theory and ear training to studentsand teachers who subscribe to this service. Students can
either work at their own pace or through chapters described by their instructor. Each lesson is graded and recorded so
the instructor can monitor progress and save the results.

The theory topics covered include:Notation, Scales, Intervals,Chords, Cadences, Non-harmonic tones,4 part writing,
Harmony, 7th chords.Diminished Triads, Secondary Dominants, Modulation,
Chromatic Chords, Augmented 6ths, and 20th Century Writing

Ear Training Includes:Intervals, chords, cadences, Melodic Dictation, and error detection.

There are two sets of theory and two sets of eartraining examples for you to try.
Each of these examples areidentical to the actual pages except that
the grade and submit buttons have beendisabled.

If you have any questons or would like to register, please contact us!

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