Classical Jazz '05



Large Composition Project

“A Day in the Life”

January 2014


The project must include the following requirements:


Must include one awesome 8 bar bass riff.


Must include a 4 part harmonization of a chord progression of your choice using appropriate voice-leading rules of at least 8 bars.


Must include a non-traditional instrument (melodic or percussive), or a traditional folk instrument of some other culture.


Must include an improvisational-style instrumental section, in which one or multiple instruments take solos. These solos should be written over a bass line at minimum. The bass line can be rhythmically augmented to accommodate the solo.


Must include at least 2 legally borrowed and altered melodies. One melody must be from the Baroque, Classical, or Romantic period.


Must include a section of at least 6 layered non-traditional percussion instruments that are introduced one at a time on top of one another.


Must include one introduction, 2 verses, a chorus, and a bridge.


Must use instrumentation creatively during verses to create a thinner texture than in the chorus.


Subject matter should be about a day in your life, and can be dramatized. (Not necessarily based on real life events) A day in the life as an NA student. Can NOT include any real names of people you know. Can NOT include any subject matter or lyrics not suitable for school. This doesn’t mean it has to be happy and impersonal…it can be whatever tone or mood you want it to take on. This is a subtle commentary on the world as you see it. Should have rhyming elements. If this is difficult for you to write about, keep the “A Day in the Life” theme and use it in some other way!


Must include one special effect in garage band that you haven’t used before.



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